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Proud to source and stock all natural, plastic free products

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We buy in bulk to keep your costs low and value high

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Ethical Shopping done right

In the heart of Brighton, our new and exciting shop helps to encourage a more sustainable and eco-conscious way of life.

At Hunglish, you can buy unique, handmade eco-friendly products, delicious meat substitutes without plastic packaging from our “butcher counter”, refillable delicious homemade plant milk, high-quality refillable wine and anything in-between that does not harm our beautiful planet.

Our purpose is to bring you Eco-Friendly products and ethically sourced gifts that support Fair-trade communities. We stock an extensive range from vegan household and body care products to refillable cleaning products, eco-friendly gifts, a baby and kids’ section, food essentials and tea and coffee without packaging. So, everyone juggling a busy lifestyle can get organised with beeswax wraps and reusable produce bags and wrappers.

We look forward to welcoming you and to sharing the satisfaction of a low waste way of living.

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products and counting


Thousand kg of plastic saved YEARLY!


million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions saved from our MEAT SUBSTITUTES ALONE

Why Zero Waste?

At Hunglish, we will offer a convenient and friendly store and encourage you to bring your own containers to refill directly with organic fruit and nuts, cereals, sugar, pasta and a whole host of products from our dispensers. 

This revolutionary way of shopping for daily essentials helps champion the global cause to reduce single plastic use, stop food waste, and save money.

Alongside the food that we will have on offer, we will stock lots of lovely products to give you the satisfaction of knowing you are reducing your environmental impact on a day-to-day basis.

Our purpose is to empower our customers to live a different, Earth-friendly, plastic-free and zero-waste lifestyle. Our challenge is to help minimise the use of packaging that is polluting this abundant planet.

Ethical Shopping doesn’t have to be overwhelming

Just by substituting one item in your weekly shop, you can make a difference to your planet. We’re happy to advise on any concerns or questions you may have about which products would suit you best. You never know, in time your whole weekly shop could be plastic free!


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