About Hunglish

Help us help the planet

We believe that zero-waste shopping is the way forward. We want to make it as affordable and convenient as possible.

We started our business in 2021 with one goal in mind: providing an enjoyable & eco-friendly shopping experience in Brighton.

Thanks to our expertise and dedication, we’ve managed to become masters of the craft.

We provide yummy veggie/vegan food and other lovely products that don’t harm our beautiful planet.


Do a little to help a lot

Just one small substitute every week save 52 bits of plastic waste per year… Our goal is to help you multiply that over your weekly shop, a bit at a time. We believe the quality of our products will convince you that the change is for the better!


Start Today!

Start your low waste journey today! It’s better than tomorrow or next week! Come and see the difference you can make!


Ethically sourced, non-toxic, good quality alternatives to plastic

Help the planet and help your local economy by buying quality, ethical,  locally produced goods. What’s not to like?


Start ‘filling’ good about yourself!

Making an impactful difference on our society can give you peace of mind and improve your mental health. Join in to see the benefits!

Join the zero waste revolution

We’re focused on bringing you an abundance of eco-friendly products. So, get organised for a zero-waste lifestyle with ‘every day’ eco essentials, including delicious meat substitutes without plastic packaging from our “butcher counter”, refillable homemade plant milk, high-quality refillable wine, and everything in-between that does not harm our beautiful planet.

We give you the opportunity to shop in a different way with eco-friendly cleaning products, skincare, feminine hygiene, dental care, shaving, and more. Plus, ethical and unique plastic-free gifts for all your family and friends.

We challenge the big supermarkets with the best, industry-leading products that we can find. We want to give you the confidence to easily make the switch to eco-friendly, ethical, sustainable, toxin-free and zero waste alternatives to mainstream products that are often risky for you and for the environment. We want to help you banish single-use plastics from your lives. 


Any questions? Get in touch

We’re a friendly bunch! Get in touch and we’re happy to have a natter!

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